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Miscellaneous Album have a random clicks taken by visitors during the visit of Umiya Viklang Trust and volunteers during the activities. Note: If you think you think the photo you have should be included in this album then send it to us.

Lunch Time


We learn about our world by visiting different places. Our school also schedules tours regularly for our student. So they can learn more about the world and also it is good as a change from daily routine.

We are going on toure


We do celebrate festivals like Holi, Diwali, Uttarayan, X-mas etc. Also we celebrate birthday of all children on Janmastmi.

Birthday Celebration of Children On Janmastmi

Learning at our School

We are running special classes for our children so they can learn in a special way with special technic.

School Time


Our children's achievements are ours achievements.

Achievement for sports for disable